Inner balance and daily habits

Our daily habits cultivate who we become, and depending on our inner balance everything will flow naturally for better or worst. It is what it is. The good thing is we can always reframe our mindset. We can always unlearn things from the past that no longer serve us and learn new ones.

Our Inner balance is a compound of a lot of things. For instance, let me name a few components because it is a long list and I am not sure if in this post I can cover them all. I will try though…

  1. Night Routine
  2. Morning Routine
  3. Mindful Practices
  4. Eating Habits
  5. Sleeping Habits
  6. Exercise Habits
  7. Unplugging Mechanisms
  8. Self-Love and Self Care

Night Routine: Our night routines are important because they set the intention for our next morning. We choose how we unwind every night. Every night we can decide which habits we are going to create to unplug from the world and connect with ourselves.

Morning Routine: Take two hours of the morning to be with yourself. this means one thing. NO CELLPHONE FOR TWO HOURS IN THE MORNING. I know it sounds hard at first. But I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to have time to yourself in the morning for everything related to setting the intention for the day.

Mindful Practices: I am an advocate for Mindfulness since September 2018. And I can’t tell enough. Incorporate mindfulness into your daily habits even if it is something so simple for example. “Reading a Marvel Comic with a cup of coffee” If you in the mornings do this, make sure you fully focus while you are doing it, this means no cellphone, no tablet, no laptop, only you, the Marvel comic, and the cup of coffee. And little by little you will see drastic changes in your life. I can assure you that.

Eating Habits: We have to see food as something nurturing, food is fuel and fuel that needs to nurture us. Invest in making a good supermarket. And if you are on a budget constantly make it simple. Little elements that nurture you instead of making you gain weight.

Sleeping Habits: Our body.Our brain. They thank us when we sleep well. And so it happens they have a way of telling us that something is wrong when we don’t sleep well. Everything begins on the mind. Even when it comes to sleeping.

Exercise Habits: Exercise. Find something that sparks passion in you and makes you work out. Take the time to discover new ways of working out. Take the time to buy things that spark the inspiration to work out.

Unplugging Mechanisms: We can always choose which times of the day we unplug from the world to focus on ourselves and our habits and hobbies. Personally for me the first hours of the morning and when I am writing. I put instrumental music and enter a flow state that goes for more than 5 hours straight with breaks for tea or hot chocolate.

Self-Love and Self-Care: I just saw a video on Tik Tok that describes self-care perfectly. Self-Care has its origins in nurturing yourself the right way. Not expensive chocolate or expensive spas. No. Eating healthy food and journaling your way through your day. Doing Yoga and Meditation. That’s the key to self-love and self-care. Don’t fool yourself with meaningless luxury. Invest in the raw and honest stuff.

So now you see. Inner balance and our daily habits go hand in hand. We must nurture our daily habits and we will nurture our inner balance. They coexist together.



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